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Released Products
  • rfDetective-FM FREE!
    • 73.207 spacing studies for commercial FM broadcast stations.
    • Automatic scanning for open channels at your proposed site.
    • Simple and advanced search of the entire FCC database.
    • Displays location of AM stations.
    • Make corrections to your local copy of the FCC database.

  • rfInvestigator 3.5
    • All of the features of rfDetective-FM plus...
    • Spacing and Contour studies for FM broadcast stations.
    • 30-second and 3-second terrain databases.
    • 12-second Census 2010 population database.
    • Census Block population database with demographics.
    • White-Gray Study Option.
    • Longley-Rice Propagation Analysis Option.
    • Count population according to predicted coverage strength
    • Antenna pattern design tool.
    • Improved automatic directional antenna designer.
    • Land Use/Land Characteristic (LULC) data.
    • Display line of sight and Fresnel zone between two points.
    • Free-space and Longley-Rice path loss calculations.
    • Export Data to a Spreadsheet.
    • Export Contours to Google-Earth.
    • Export Contours to GIS Programs.
    • Link budget calculator.
    • Terrain roughness calculator.
    • Unit and datum conversion tool.

  • WG-Analyzer
    • Create White-Gray Studies based on user-defined parameters.
    • Graphically Display White and Gray Population Distributions.

  • AM Groundwave Contours
    • Create groundwave contours for AM stations based on CDBS-defined parameters.
    • Count population/demographics within the contour. Export to GIS/Google Earth.

  • DB-Builder FM
    • Build your own master databases from raw FCC data.
    • Choose to save time by downloading the compiled edition of the database from our website, for FREE, whenever you wish.
    • Runs independent of rfInvestigator-FM. You can continue to use rfInvestigator-FM while you build a database. You can even build your databases on a separate computer.
    • Creates FM Master database and Antenna Pattern database as well as an Access database of the complete CDBS.
    • Built-in FTP capabilities automatically download data from the FCC.

  • DB-Builder AM
    • Add AM database capabilities to DB-Builder FM.

  • PL-Server with Longley-Rice module
    • Runs in the background -- you can continue to use rfInvestigator-FM while building pathloss files.
    • Queue system allows you to process multiple files overnight or over the weekend.
    • Produces both bitmapped underlays and vector line files.
    • Antenna and ERP masking means you can quickly modify an existing analysis without rebuilding the pathloss file.

  • rfProfiler Light
    • Displays profile view.
    • 30- and 3-second terrain data available.
    • Displays line of sight and Fresnel zone between two points.
    • Performs free-space and Longley-Rice path loss calculations.
    • The profile data can be exported for further analysis.
    • Terrain roughness calculator.
    • Link budget calculator.
    • Unit and datum conversion tool.

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