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Alexandra Johnson Alexandra Johnson

Joe DiPietro Joseph DiPietro, P.E.
Vice President

Joe is a graduate of the University of Florida Materials Science and Engineering program. He has an extensive background in planning and growth management of telecommunications systems. He has provided testimony as an expert witness before quasi-judicial bodies. He has directed new product development for the Cellular/PCS industry. He also has designed and implemented various software systems throughout his career.


Kyle Magrill Kyle Magrill

Kyle has over 20 years of broadcast engineering experience. As the Vice-President of Engineering for First City Broadcasting, Kyle oversaw the engineering needs of a growing 15-station group. Kyle developed some of the most unusual facilities sites ever built, including the first-ever LMA and several high powered FM sites powered exclusively by generators. Kyle and his team also developed early high powered FM booster technology.

Joltin Jack Joltin Jack
Firewall Technician

Jack heads our Information Security Department. He occupies a vital position between the Internet and Router. All incoming traffic is scrutinized by Jack's critical eye. Worms, Viruses and Spam are 'Zapped' out of existence.


Nate Nate, P.E.I.T

Nate is a graduate of the presigious J.J. Finley Elementary School in Gainesville Florida. He is rfSoftware's Senior P.E.I.T (Pre-Engineer-In-Training) and has extensive computer gaming experience. Nate areas of responsibility include taking out the trash, shredding sensitive documents and making coffee. He is skilled in word processing, creating interesting charts and graphs from spreadsheets, Internet research and pestering people when he is hungry (which is just about all the time). Nate is currently studying in the gifted mathematics and science program at Westwood Middle School. His plans include winning a full scholarship to the University of Florida by playing the French Horn.

Nate is pictured here beside his famous 5th Grade Science Fair Project.
Enzali Enzali, C.U.T.E

Enzali is enrolled in O2B-Kids Academy in Gainesville Florida. She is rfSoftware's Primary C.U.T.E (Cryptology-Utilizer and Tamale-Eater). She checks drawings for artistic content, deciphers puzzles and generally keeps things lively around the office. Her white-board responsibilities include; scribbling, erasing anything she can reach and recapping markers before they dry out. She aspires to answer the telephone.

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