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The Lat/Lon tool will compute the range and bearing between to points you specify. Or, if you specify one point and a range and bearing, it will compute the other point.

Lat/Lon Calculator

Once you have two points in the Lat/Lon tool, you can display the Terrain Profile tool. The Terrain Profile tool will show the profile between the two points. In addition to the terrain, it will show the line-of-sight (blue) and Fresnel zone (red) lines. Notice that you can modify some of the parameters such as antenna height and frequency. As you make changes, the path loss calculations will update to reflect the changes.

Profile View

From the profile, you can bring up the Link Budget tool to analyze the entire link:

Link Budget

The conversion tool converts linear and field strength measurements and can convert between NAD-27 and NAD-83 coordinates.

Conversion Tool

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