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Population Differences

rfSoftware products currently use 2 different Census databases: The 2000 US Census and the 2010 US Census. Census data can be displayed as an averaged "Spread" distribution or as discrete Census "Blocks". The 2000 Census was spread in 30-second (approximately 900-meter) bins. The 2010 Census was spread in 12-second (approximately 360-meter) bins. Below are samples of each in the Western Pennsylvania area shown at 1:6,000 scale. The Census Blocks are displayed on top of the spread bins.

2000 US Census:
2000 Census The Census Blocks are color-coded dots with associated population counts. The spread data are shown as rectangular bins, also color-coded by population density.
2010 US Census:
GLOBE 30-sec The 2010 spread data is in smaller 12-second bins.

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