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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Prepares FCC 73.207 and 73.215 spacing studies for all commercial FM channels and displays them in both grid and map form.

  • Prepares FCC 73.333 contour studies for commercial 73.215 stations and NCE stations. Contour data can be exported to a .CSV file. The area and population inside a contour or inside the overlap between two contours can be calculated. Display/manipulate multiple contour groups.

  • Sophisticated propagation analysis with optional PL-Server or by purchasing path loss files from rfSoftware.
    • Propagation Coverage Analysis.
    • Propagation Best-Server Analysis.
    • Propagation Interference Analysis.
    • Multiple propagation analysis with Coverage Manager.

  • Optional DB-Builder can build databases directly from FCC downloads. No more monthly data costs. EVER!

  • rfInvestigator-FM can automatically search for channel openings at your target location based on 73.207 or 73.215 spacing, 73.333 contours, 73.215/NCE contours or translator contours.

  • The antenna pattern design tool lets you design an antenna to fit your contour requirements either manually or automatically. You can instantly see what effect a change to the antenna will have on your contour. The finished design can be exported for easy submission to an antenna manufacturer.

  • A scaled, color-coded, map clearly shows all relevant stations in the vicinity while the colors tell you if their spacing overlaps your location, are close, or are clear.

  • rfInvestigator-FM's map display can also show each station by its relative frequency. Co-channel, adjacent channels, intermediate frequencies, and TV channel 6 are each color-coded.

  • States, counties, cities, lat/long lines, major roads, railroads and hydrology features can be displayed to help you decide where to locate your facilities.

  • The boundaries of multiple cities can be displayed.

  • Full-color underlays can display terrain relief, population density, Land Use / Land Characteristic (LULC), USGS Topo! Maps or any user-defined bitmap.

  • rfInvestigator-FM comes with 30-second terrain and population data. 3-second terrain can also be purchased.

  • The profile tool displays the terrain profile, line of sight and Fresnel zone between two points. Performs free-space and Longley-Rice path loss calculations. The profile data can be exported for further analysis.

  • Includes a tool to recalculate maximum ERP for antenna heights in excess of the reference height.

  • Implements rules for 74.1200 translators and boosters.

  • Terrain Roughness Calculator.

  • Unit Conversion Tool.

  • The simple search lets you examine the FCC database by call sign, owner, city, state or any combination. Partial inputs and wildcards can be used.

  • rfInvestigator-FM's advanced SQL search allows you to search the database by any of the more than 50 FCC fields. Partial inputs can be used to broaden your searches.

  • Change the evaluation point to any place on the screen by double clicking the map. Your job is instantly recalculated to show you the overlaps at that exact spot. New jobs can be compiled from any spot on the map.

  • Instantly change your search class or channel by mouse click or direct entry.

  • Can display AM radio stations. Draws a 0.8 km ring around non-directional and a 3.2 km ring around directional stations to help you avoid extra construction costs. The AM display can be toggled on or off.

  • rfInvestigator-FM displays a running readout of the mouse position by latitude and longitude as well as distance and bearing from the map center.

  • Instantly measure the distance and bearing between any two points on the map. Snap-to-station function makes it simple to accurately tell the distance and bearing between any two stations.

  • Allows for speculative 'What-If' scenarios by giving you the ability to hide and unhide stations and to make additions, deletions, or corrections to your job.

  • Make additions, deletions or corrections to the FCC database that are remembered when you update to a newer database.

  • rfInvestigator-FM can look at licensed stations, construction permits, vacant channels, etc. Select just one or as many as you want.

  • Add descriptive map Markers with optional rings and map labels to your job or FCC database.

  • Includes rules for Class C0 (zero), low power FM stations and Channel 6 television stations.

  • Considers rules for stations in proximity to the Mexican and Canadian borders.

  • rfInvestigator-FM includes rules for domestic and international 3kW class A stations.

  • Includes rules for Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

  • Display ESRI shape files.

  • Set colors and line weights for both your monitor and printer.

  • Invert colors for ease in printing.

  • Display a close-up window that will refresh unpixilated.

  • Display a 1-click site information window.

  • Display a map center information window.

  • Show all FM stations.

  • Create user defined contours.

  • Import features:
    • Import field measurements from Audemat-Aztec Navigator 100 and Navigator 007.
    • Import markers from a txt file.
    • Import contours from an xrf file.
    • Import coverage from a cov file.
    • Import colors and line weights.

  • Export Features:
    • Tabular data to your favorite spreadsheet program.
    • Propagation files for display in other programs.
    • The job grid to a lat/long file for future use.
    • Markers to a lat/long file.
    • Your color and line weight settings to use in other jobs.
    • Contours to an xrf file for future use.

Product specifications subject to change without notice.

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